Mass times for English, Italian and Spanish
New COVID-19 restrictions from as of May 2021

Please take the following points into consideration:

  • The dispensation of the faithful from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place until decreed otherwise by the Bishop.  No one is obliged to attend Holy Mass while this dispensation is in place.
  • All attendees are expected to wear non-medical masks and should bring their own masks.
  • Anyone who has even the slightest symptoms or feelings of sickness must remain home.
  • As per the Government of Alberta guidelines, faith services are limited to 15 people, including children, priest, and servers.  This limit will not be extended by any circumstances or exception, please do not insist.
  • No person will be allowed to enter once maximum capacity has been reached.  Church doors will remain closed during Mass.
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres or 6 feet must be mantained in all times and directions between people who are not from the same household.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the doors and at several locations in the church. 
  • Confesions before Mass have been cancelled for weekdays and weekends.  
  • Online registration is MANDATORY for weekends for Mass in English and Spanish.
  • ENTRANCE to the temple will be through the church atrium (stairs from the side parking lot).
  • You should expect a personal and family screening (verbal questionaire) before entering into the building.  Your honesty and accuracy are essential.
  • Attendance list and contact information will be validated at the entrance as well.
  • You will be scorted by our Ushers to your seats. NO CHANGE OF SEATS IS ALLOWED, please don't insist.
  • No children room will be open.  Children are to stay with their parents at any time.
  • Use of restrooms is restricted to one person at the time.  Please be patient.
  • No singing is allowed at this moment. 
  • EXIT will be conducted through both side doors to the main parking lot. Please follow the strict direction of the signs on the floor.
  • No social gathering is allowed inside or outside of the church.


Tuesday           9:00 am          English

Martes             7:00 pm          Español     Registro en-línea OBLIGATORIO 

Wednesday       9:00 am         English

Mercoledì        11:00 am         Italiano

Thursday          9:00 am         English

Jueves              7:00 pm         Español     Registro en-línea OBLIGATORIO 

Saturday           4:00 pm         English      MANDATORY online or phone pre-registration 

Sábado             6:00 pm         Español     Registro en-línea OBLIGATORIO 

Domenica          9:30 am        Italiano      Pre-registrazione telefonica OBBLIGATORIA

Sunday            11:00 am        English       MANDATORY online or phone pre-registration 

Domingo           1:00 pm         Español      Registro en-línea OBLIGATORIO

Domingo           6:00 pm         Español      Registro en-línea OBLIGATORIO


Please contact the office for any further information.

Route of entrance/exit to and from our Church Recorrido de entrada y salida de nuestra Iglesia