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Welcome to Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Parish where  we provide relevant ministries and programs to everyone of all ages, life-stages and nationalities. We are a family of God, under the continued protection of our patroness, Our Mother Mary, a fellowship afire with a unifying spirit, a familial and welcoming home, the community of the faithful.

Holy Cross Sunday by Deacon Ron

Holy Cross SundayLast Sunday, Holy Cross Sunday, Deacon Ron gave a stirring homily in describing to parishioners the true symbolism of the Cross. Did you know that until a few years ago, this feast was known as the Triumph of the Cross?  Deacon Ron further spoke to its representation and symbolism …. “As the cross represents the death and resurrection of Jesus, it also represents our death and resurrection. That is why for us the cross is the great symbol of hope. The cross is a symbol of new life.” Click here to read Deacon Ron’s moving homily …. 

Sacramental Preparation (in English)

For students in grade two (2) or higher who have not celebrated their First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion. Students in grade six (6) or higher who have not celebrated their Confirmation. Registration and Information Session will be held on Saturday September 20th, 27th and October 4th, 2014 at 10:30 am in the Upper Hall (parents only). Please bring a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate.

PREPARACION SACRAMENTAL: Para los estudiantes de 2do Grado en adelante que no hayan celebrado la Primera Confesión, Primera Comunión. Estudiantes de 6to Grado en adelante que no hayan celebrado su Confirmación.  Se llevara a cabo una Sesión de Registro e Información los sábados 20 – 27 de Septiembre y 4 de Octubre 2014, a las 10:30 am en el Upper Hall (solo para sus padres). Favor traer una copia del Certificado de Bautismo de su hijo/a. (Este curso se impartirá en ingles)

Tony Melendez en Conierto

Habrá un concierto de Tony Meléndez el 3 Octubre a las 8:pm, los boletos estarán a la venta en nuestra página web, en la oficina y en la puerta. October 3rd at 8:00pm in our church, there will be a concert of Tony Melendez. Tony is a man born without arms, who plays guitar with his feet. Tony is known worldwide, he also played in the presence of the Holy Father. Tickets available by clicking here, or at the office and at the door.

Fiesta de las Naciones! Feast of Nations!

Feast of NationsOn Sunday August 31, 2014 we celebrated the “Feast of the Nations”.  This fair is an exhibit of the various foods, entertainment and customs from all the different nations that our parish serves.  Nations from North America, South America, Europe and India showcased folk dances and special arts.  The event began with a mass presided over by Fr. Shibu, and assisted by Fr. Ugo, Deacon Alex and Deacon Ron, and was followed by the procession of flags into the grounds. Click aquí para continuar para fotografías (Click here for more). 

AGRADECIMIENTO! Quiero agradecerle a todos los miembros de la comunidad que dispusieron de su tiempo,  para participar y apoyar la Fiesta de las Naciones, coordinando, cocinando, arreglando, bailando, cantando, informando, comprando… porque gracias a utedes la fiesta de las naciones fue todo un exito, recolectando $ 10,678.05. Nos divertimos, reimos y compartimos en comunidad como una sola familia. Gracias y esperamos contar con ustedes el próximo año. Dios los Bendiga. ” -  Padre Shibu Kallarakkal.


Invitamos a toda la comunidad a una Noche de Gloria. Esta sera una noche de oración, prédica y sanación.  Para pedir por las mujeres que tengan problemas de fertilidad, por las personas que sufren de adicciones y por todos los enfermos. A realizarse el día 26 de septiembre de 7 a 8:30pm en la Iglesia. (Será celebrada en Español).

We invite all the community members to a Glory Night to be held on September 26th, from 7 to 8:30 pm at the church. This is a  night filled with prayer, preaching and healing. It’s a special night to pray for all women with fertility issues, for anyone dealing with addiction and for anyone dealing with an illness (will be celebrated in Spanish.

XVI Congreso

XVI CongresoMaría, Madre del Redentor La Parroquia y el Movimiento de Renovación Carismática invitó a la comunidad a la 16 º Congreso Carismática Católica celebrada el 18 de julio, 19 y 20, 2014 con el P. Juan Triviño y el P. Shibu. Hubo tres conferencias – adultos, jóvenes y para niños.  ¡Gracias a todos los organizadores del evento y los participantes! Haga clic aquí para obtener más!

Staff Change!

Laura Rosero-Alvarez.

Ingrid Ardon

Ingrid Ardon

Fr. Shibu and parishioners wish a fond farewell to daytime Secretary Laura Rosero-Alvarez. Laura has now vacated her position here in the parish office to begin her studies in London, England! Replacing Laura is Ingrid Ardon. A parishioner from Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ingrid brings with her the valuable experience of witnessing first hand the challenges and requirements of parish changes and growth. Laura may the Lord bless you and keep you safe in your travels and welcome Ingrid to her new role in our parish! Click here to read more about these fabulous women!

2da Convivencia de adolecentes

QUIERES SER MI AMIGO?El movimiento de Encuentros conyugales con apoyo del Grupo Jubilee, invitan a la 2da Convivencia de adolecentes;  Para adolecentes de 11 a 15 años a realizarse el Sabado 27 de Septiembre en el Marlborough Park Community Asssociation. Para mayor informacion ver el mural informativo de la Parroquia.WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MY FRIEND? The Marital Encounters Movement with support from the Jubilee Group is pleased to invite all pre-teen and teenagers to the 2nd Teen Coexistence to be held on Saturday, September 27th at Marlborough Park Community Association. More information at the Church’s board.

The Big Picture Seminar

This is a small group discussion that will help teenage boys in grades 9 and 10 to become better and happier individuals as well as husbands, fathers, citizens and professionals men of integrity and sons of God. For further information click here (for package) or call 403-241-1639/ idoll@ieee.org.


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