Our movement has almost 21 years of bringing the Gospel to marriages of the Spanish Community in Calgary, impacting their families directly. Currently we count 96 couples throughout Calgary, working together in order to solidify the domestic church.

Mission The Spousal Encounter Movement (MEC Calgary), having as a role model the Nazareth’s Family, seeks through the doctrinal foundations of the Holy Catholic Church to unify, enrich, and improve the life of the Hispanic families settled in Calgary.  

Objectives/Values Sanctify marriage through the experience of conjugal spirituality, developing its human and catholic values, enabling it to fulfill its mission of evangelization and being promoter of the common good according to God’ plan for the family.  

Couple Members Profile ·       Have taken the conjugal encounter (Initiation Retreat), and voluntarily joins a group of growth. ·       Persevere in the attendance and participates in the growth group meetings. ·       Respect and keeps the confidentiality of personal testimonies. ·       Respect with humility and obedience to the authority of the animators of the group. ·       Comply with the guidelines established by the MEC regulation. ·       Attend the retreats and means of growth, such as events, activities and assemblies programmed by the MEC.

How to participate? Every couple that meets the requirements above can apply during the registration period for the initiation retreat, with two or three months in advance.

Languages in which programs are available: Spanish

Contacts: Stanley & Lourdes Aguirre

encuentrosconyugales@comunidadhispana.com / Phone: 403 9917567