Lay movement, a stream of grace, a true spiritual rebirth under the sign of Pentecost, which invites the faithful to experience a new life in Christ; It is a call to the sanctity and perfection of charity.  

Mission The mission of the Charismatic Renewal is to participate in the evangelizing work of the Church, proclaiming Jesus as Savior, Lord, and Messiah, with and in the Power of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of the Father.

Objective/Values ·       To have, for its members, a conscious and permanent encounter with the living Jesus Christ, through the action and grace of the Holy Spirit, as a permanent way of conversion, communion, and solidarity. ·       Foster a decisive opening towards the person of the Holy Spirit. ·       Encourage and foster the reception and use of spiritual gifts and charisms in the Charismatic Renewal and in the Church. ·       Evangelize, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, to those who do not know Jesus Christ and those who have stopped practicing the faith.

Members Profile ·       Fidelity: Be a person faithful to the Lord and someone with whom one can count and trust. A faithful servant. ·       Loyalty: A person who is aware of the commitment involved in being loyal in all circumstances. ·       Humility: a person who gives glory to God in everything he does and receives, and does not consider himself superior to others.

Our meetings: Contact us.  

How to participate? Attend a retreat of life in the Holy Spirit, continue growth in prayer groups, attend assemblies every Saturday, obedience, and respect for our pastors and ecclesial authorities.  

Languages in which programs are available: Spanish  


Carlos Osorio Coordinador (403) 554-0597 Gustavo Escudero Sub-coordinador (403) 918-1603 Rosa Gomez Secretaria (403) 400-0943 Consuelo Ramirez Tesorera (403) 671-5900 Ricardo Calles Grupos de Oración (403) 474-6105 / Phone: 403 554 0597