BAPTISM: Baptism is the first of the sacraments of initiation into the Catholic church. It makes us adopted children of God, incorporates us into Christ, pardons all our sin, and forms us into God’s people. It confers a permanent relationship (“character”) with Christ and his Church which lasts even should one cease to be an active member of the Catholic community. Baptisms are celebrated several times during the year.  Sometimes they are celebrated during the weekend masses, while other times they occur after Mass. Baptismal preparations are scheduled several times throughout the year.  Parents and sponsors are invited to participate. Parents who wish to have their children baptized are kindly asked to contact the Parish office to make arrangements with the priest and arrange for Baptism classes for the parents. (Or contact the parish office for the R.C.I.A. Program.)

CONFIRMATIONS AND FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Registration and first parents’ meetings are typically held in the middle of October.  Candidates receive several instructions beginning with Advent.  During Lent candidates are invited to celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation.  A retreat day is also scheduled before the celebration of the Sacraments.

RECONCILIATION (CONFESSION): “According to the Church’s Command, after having attained the age of discretion, each of the faithful is bound by an obligation faithfully to confess serious sins at least once a year.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1457).  However, the Church encourages Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation or Penance at least monthly throughout our lifetime so that we can benefit from the graces obtained through reception of this sacrament. This sacrament reconciles us with God and joins us to him in intimate friendship. It also reconciles us with the Church and revitalizes her life which we have weakened by our sin.  For our English and Italian community Sacrament of Reconciliation takes places Saturdays 4:00 PM, or by appointment (other time).

ANOINTING OF THE SICK: The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick was previously most commonly administered to the dying, for the remission of sins and the provision of spiritual strength and health. In modern times, however, its use has been expanded to all who are gravely ill or are about to undergo a serious operation, and the Church stresses a secondary effect of the sacrament: to help a person recover his health. Like Confession and Holy Communion, to which it is closely linked, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick can be repeated as often as is necessary.  Communion to the sick is brought to the shut in by the ministers of communion or by the priests on a regular basis.  If you or anyone you know would like to receive this sacrament, please call one of our priests through the parish office.

WEDDINGS: Contact the parish to meet with the one of the Priests or Deacons before any arrangements are made.


PRE-SACRAMENTAL CATECHESIS follows the Family Catechesis program approved by Bishop Henry to work in the Spanish Community mainly to help them to consider the family as the first space for the Christian life and the promotion of their faith; teach adults without neglecting children and youths; promote the community life of faith and, to make the parents and children particularly of the new comers used to come to the parish not just to receive classes at the school and or to neglect coming to the parish because it could be far off.

The catechesis spans for 22 weeks giving them the needed time to grow, and for the new and old alike to create liaisons to ease them of their burden and isolation that many fall off on the transition to the life in a new country and culture.

First Communion: Children from Grade 2 and up. We have 22 sessions and 3 Celebrations.; from October to April (Easter) Parents receive at the same time the Family Catechesis, where they are prepared to help and guide their children to know our faith and to live the community life. Sessions are for 2 hours every Saturday. The classes are in Spanish, with explanations in English.

Confirmations: For all people from Grade 6 or 12 years old and up who are baptized and already received their First Communion.   Parents for the minors, received the Family Catechesis at the same time of their children to help them to share their faith as a Family.  We have 22 sessions and 3 Celebrations: from October to April (Easter). The classes are for 2 hours every Saturday. The Classes are bilingual: Spanish & English. The Confirmations students have 40 hours of Social Services.

RICA or RCIA Program: THE RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR ADULTS: We prepare all people no baptized, who are older than 7 years for the Initiation Sacraments; and youth and adult who don`t have First Communion for the Sacraments or First Communion and Confirmation (Full Communion with the Church.  The Catechumens start the Pre-Catechumenate in August and in October they join the Pre-Sacramental groups for the Catechesis.  The classes are received according the ages. All the Catechumens and Candidates are helped by Sponsors.  Usually the duration of the preparation is the 8 or 9 months.  They receive the Sacraments on the Easter Vigil.

BAPTISM: Take place second Sunday of each month for our Spanish Community. Note:  Baptism Preparation is Mandatory. (No Baptisms will be celebrated during lent) Next Baptismal date is May 14, 2017

MARRIAGES  AND QUINCEAÑOS: For Quince Años  contact the parish office.  For Marriages please request an appointment with the Priest or Deacon before any arrangements are made. (Please note if the marriage is taking place out of the Dioceses of Calgary extra time is needed to complete the process and obtain the required permits)

For our Spanish community, Sacrament of Reconciliation takes place half hour before each Mass, or by appointment (other time).