We are blessed to have a compassionate ministry called “Companions of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Parish”.  Contact: Michelina Sangregorio through the parish office.

Volunteers are involved in any one of these many initiatives:

2011_prayer_card_image_1Palliative & Pastoral Care: The Pastoral Care Team is trained and certified by the Calgary Diocesan Religious Education Department, as also is the Palliative Care Team. Their mandate is to visit and give spiritual support, and bring the Eucharist to the sick or dying in long term care facilities from our parish and of the Italian and Spanish-speaking communities.  Also includes: * Mercy for our sick brothers, deceased and their families; * Annual Eucharistic Celebration of the World Day of the Sick; * Monthly Mass for our sick brothers; * Permanent Prayer recitation of the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for our sick brothers, deceased and their families.  If you are interested in joining this very important group please contact Gladys Alvarez and Ricardo Rosero through the parish office.

FUNERAL LUNCH – volunteers are a group of teams that on a rotating basis help bereaved families prepare lunch for mourners. This allows the bereaved families a chance to host their friends for a reception after funeral services.

OBITUARY WALL located in the foyer of the church informs parishioners of funerals that have taken place in our church. The family of the deceased provides the photo and obituary information. This allows our parishioners to pray for the deceased and for the bereaving families

Memorial Mass CandlesMONTHLY MEMORIAL MASS is celebrated the first Wednesday  of every month at 7:00pm Before the mass, in the foyer of the church, you may register the name of the deceased and, when it is read during the liturgy, participate in the candle light memorial. We encourage everyone to attend this special mass to honor, remember, and pray for our beloved dead and to register the names of your deceased family members on the anniversary of their death or some other special occasion

ANNUAL MEMORIAL MASS is celebrated at the end of the liturgical year which coincides with the end of November also known as the month of the dead. In conjunction with the funeral homes, all the families who had a funeral in our parish that liturgical year are invited to this special memorial mass.  One member of each of these families is asked to participate in the candle light memorial during the liturgy.

 PRAYER FOR THE SICK – Volunteer group dedicated solely to prayer, do not visit or accompany the patient from their homes only pray for the sick brethren, by those who have died and their families.

SILENT APOSTLES – Group of volunteers who serve Extraordinary Ministers transporting and / or member of the Pastoral do not drive or have no vehicle to carry the most precious gift “Eucharist” culminating sending or visit the sick brother and his family.